KM Financial Solutions | Corporate and Commercial Insurance
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Corporate and Commercial Insurance

KM Financial Solutions LLP can advise on a range of measures to help protect businesses.


Professional Indemnity insurance – vital for a business that provides any form of advisory or consultation service. It will protect your business from any liability arising from third party losses sustained due to the negligence of you or your employees.


Credit Insurance  – protection should a customer fail to pay their invoices. But it can be costly for new firms and legal protection may be an alternative. We can advise.


Public Liability Insurance – provides legal cover and protection against any third party claims for loss or damages that have occurred during the course of your business; this is often a wise choice of insurance for businesses that involve the public, for instance retailers or leisure facilities.


Premises Insurance – The right level of cover is vital and our knowledge can help you find the best policy for your business. If you work from home do not assume that your house insurance will automatically cover your office equipment.


Employer’s Liability – this will protect you from claims for harm or death to employees whilst engaged in work for your business. You can also insure against employee fraud and dishonesty. Should a crucial employee become unable to work Key Person Insurance helps cover the cost of finding and training their direct replacement.


Business travel insurance – this will provide cover for the loss or damage of business equipment during travel and some policies also include the costs of emergency couriers for the delivery of replacement items.